Super Window
Completely & Properly Installed
        with Exterior Vinyl Trim Wrap             - trim wrap covers all exterior wood              everything is maintenance free!
- others charge up to $100 extra for trim wrap!

- Double Pane Thermal Windows
- Insulation Wrapped Around Openings
 virtually eliminates all air drafts
- most installers skip this critical step

Energy Star Glass Also Available:
Triple Layer Low E Glass Heat Shield
Plus Argon Gas Ultra Cold Block
- saves up to 35% on heating and cooling bills

- colonial grids and colors extra cost

Is This a Fair Price? Let's Compare:
                  You see ads everywhere for windows that say                     $179 - $189 per window.  That's just the window!
         They charge $70 - $100 more for the exterior trim wrap            that you need to keep the wind and rain out of your house!
Then they charge up to $89 for Energy Star Glass!
Then...they charge $125.00 to haul away the old windows.
              When they are done charging for everything you need -        their price is close to $400! 

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Roger Cawthon
Board of Directors
Better Business Bureau
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Johnson Residence
New construction, using Green materials!

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