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                   SUPER WINDOW™     $189 Windows

Window                $347                       $189 - $229*

Trim Wrap        included                                 $70

Low E Glass    included                                 $49 
+Argon Gas

Total               $347                        $348

*Their good window is actually $229 - not $189.
  They usually don't sell the cheap $189 window.

Their price of $189 does not include the outside vinyl trim wrap that you MUST HAVE to cover gaps around the window and keep the wind and the rain out of your home.  They charge $70 extra for that.

Their $189 price does not include Energy Star Glass that you MUST HAVE to save money on your heating and cooling bills. They charge $49 extra for their for double Low E.

The REAL PRICE of their window is $348.

Their price of $189 is like bait & switch advertising.

They “bait” you with a low advertised price, then “switch” you to the higher price during the estimate.  Do you want to do business with a company that lies to you in their advertising?  Do you think they will stop lying when they work on your home?  How can you trust them?

PLUS!  They will charge you $125 more to haul away the old windows and all of their trash!
Most contractors haul away the trash for free.


        SUPER WINDOW™                                 $189 - $229 WINDOWS                                

1.   Energy Star Glass                                                         $49 extra                               

2.   20% Guaranteed Energy Savings                                          NO
     or we pay the difference-up to $500

3.   Removal of Old Storm Windows                            $10/win extra       

4.   All Rotten Wood Replaced                                           $5/ft extra    

5.   Window Set in Opening                                                       YES   

6.   Insulation Packed Around Window Opening                       NO     

7.   Exterior Vinyl Trim Wrap                                              $70 extra    

8.   Decorative Edging On Trim                                                   NO

9.   Complete Clean-up                                                      $125 extra
     and haul-away old windows                                                                                   

10.  Fully Welded Sash and Main Frame                                    NO    

11.  Super Guarantee – If anything goes wrong                        NO
       with our window OR our installation –
       we will fix it free!

12.  Free One Year Follow-up Inspection                                   NO
      (of windows and installation)

13.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Or Your Money Back!                NO

14.  Window Manufacturer’s Service Technicians                     NO
       located right here in Hampton Roads

15.  Take Down Curtains & Blinds & Move Furniture        $100 extra

How Does Super Window Compare?

Thanks for asking!  Allow me to explain.

Super Window™ is the trademarked name of the window installed by American Builders of Va., Inc.

We call it “Super Window” because of the totally COMPLETE INSTALLATION that is performed by our company.  We have included everything that you need for a complete and proper installation of a vinyl replacement window.  And more! 
And we include the BEST ENERGY STAR GLASS available!  And it is all backed-up by
our INDUSTRY-LEADING WARRANTY!  That is why we call it a Super Window!


American Builders has been in business for over 20 years as a Class “A” Contractor (the highest standards license awarded to contractors) and we have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau and with Angie's List. 

Check us out at:  (type in: American Builders of Virginia, Inc.)


We offer Free Estimates that are good for 90 days.  And we will encourage you to get other estimates so you can make an informed decision.


We use only our own factory-trained master installers.  No sub-contractors! 
(Hint:  most window dealers in Hampton Roads use sub-contractors, especially the big box home improvement stores.)
Our professional craftsmen have years of experience and have been rated as some of the most courteous and caring in the business.  They will treat your home like it was their home.  They know that a satisfied customer will refer us to their neighbors.

We use only the BEST window on the market!  We recommend and install Thermal Industries vinyl replacement windows.  They custom-make our complete line of Super Windows.  


Thermal Industries has been in business for over 50 yeras and is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of vinyl windows in America.  I am simply blown-away by their commitment to quality and their desire to provide the finest customer service anywhere!

Thermal Industries windows are the highest quality windows I have seen in my 30 years in the business. 

Double and Triple pane
•Triple layer – Soft Coat – Low E glass 
Argon gas
Self-cleaning glass
Burglar-proof locks
Interlocking sashes
Foam-filled frames
Lifetime warranty on all parts
Lifetime accidental glass breakage warranty


All of our windows are custom made from scratch.  We measure your window openings and Thermal Industries makes the windows to fit perfectly.


When we remove your old wood windows, we inspect all of the wood around the opening and repair and replace any damaged wood that we find.  We guarantee this in writing.


After the new vinyl windows are screwed into the opening, you must insulate around the openings to ensure that no air comes in around the window.  All of our Super Windows come with foam insulation factory-installed around the entire window.

Most contractors skip this important step.  I have heard them say that it is not necessary.  I say “why not?” Why not take this simple step and do a better job of insulating the opening? The insulation will stop air drafts from coming around the


Then, all of the exterior wood window trim (brick molding) is “wrapped,” covered with vinyl-coated aluminum trim (the best material available) to make the entire exterior maintenance-free.  This trim material comes in many different colors to match your home’s exterior.


When we make the exterior trim wrap – we create a “decorative edging” on the material that makes it look more like the wood brick molding that is around your windows.  One customer said it looked like “Crown Molding” around the opening and was “gorgeous!”

Other companies leave the trim wrap “flat” and “smooth” and it creates what looks like a “box” around your windows.  Not very attractive at all.  They don’t bother trying to make the trim look nice, like wood brick molding, because it takes too much time and effort.  In other words, they cut corners.


All areas are then caulked, inside and out, for a perfect weather-tight seal.  We use the best commercial-grade caulk that we can find.  Our caulking has a lifetime warranty and will stay soft and flexible forever, with no drying or cracking like cheap caulk.


We conduct a complete clean-up and haul-away the old windows and all job trash, at no extra charge.  We want the clean-up to be so good that you can’t tell we were even there (except for the great new windows that we left behind!)


The final inspection of the job is done with your account representative by your side, making sure that everything is done correctly and to your satisfaction, before you make the final payment.

I am Roger Cawthon, the owner of American Builders.  And that is my promise to you. We will personally inspect each and every job and we will not stop working until you are 100% satisfied.  I know of no other company that will do this for you.  We will stand by your side and make sure that everything is exactly the way that you want it. 


I want you to be so happy that you will tell your friends and neighbors to call American Builders for all their window needs.  I am proud to say that 80% of our business comes from referrals made by our satisfied customers.  We must be doing something right!  Let us do something right for you.

Warmest regards,

Roger Cawthon
Owner, American Builders

PS.  A portion of all proceeds are donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and
       The Wounded Warrior Project and The SPCA.



Super Window™ warrants that all window parts will be free from manufacturer’s defects for as long as you own your home.

This warranty item is provided by the window manufacturer, Thermal Industries, and is fully transferable.

Accidental Glass Breakage

Super Window™ warrants that it will replace glass that
is broken for any reason, that is accidental, for as long as you own your home.

This warranty item is provided by the window manufacturer, Thermal Industries, and is fully transferable.


Super Window™ warrants that it will provide the labor to replace any parts or broken glass for as long as you own your home.

This warranty item is provided by American Builders and is not transferable.

Acts of God & Nature

These warranties do not cover any parts, labor, or glass brakeage that is a result of Acts of God & Nature.

We cannot compete with that.

Damage that is a result of Acts of God & Nature are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Super Windows™ that we install in your home, we will cheerfully refund your money under the following conditions:

1.  You notify American Builders that you are not satisfied with the Super Windows™ that we installed in your home.

2.  You allow American Builders 90 days to correct any problems with our windows and/or our installation.

3.  You purchase new windows from another company and return our windows to us in good condition. 

4.  Refund is for cost of windows only and does not include cost of labor for the 
original installation.

“I want to thank you for being a man of your word.”
Colleen Brogan, Yorktown, VA

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