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   Member, Board of Directors,
     Better Business Bureau 

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Johnson Residence
New construction, using Green materials!

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1. Perfect record with the
    BBB & Angie's List
    for over 20 years!
2. Owner conducts final
    inspection of every           job.
3. Your satisfaction is  
    100% guaranteed!

            Super WindowTM
           A Trademark of American Builders of Va., Inc.

          Ultimate Super Window
         Completely and Remarkably Installed
               with Exterior Vinyl Trim Wrap
          - that covers all exterior wood window trim

1.   The Most Energy-Efficient Glass Available! 
    Saves You Money On Heating & Cooling Bills
                                12-layer Glass 
          with 4 Layers of Low E Silver Heat Shield 
         and filled with Argon Gas Ultra Cold Block  

   2.  The Strongest Vinyl Frame On The Market!
 Your Window Will Last the Lifetime of Your Home
          Ridiculously strong vinyl frame filled with
               foam insulation to make the entire window
                opening draft-free.  Will not sag or warp 
               in extreme heat or cold - GUARANTEED!

          3. The Best Installation You Can Get!
 Windows Installed by Our Certified Professionals
                 All rotten wood window trim repaired!
    Foam insulation factory-installed around the window 
           to completely eliminate drafts & air leaks*
       *most installers do not insulate around openings
 leaving you with drafts coming in around your windows

   4. Total Protection From the Weather & Water!
 Keeps Water Away From House and Prevents Leaks
      Engineered with a 12 point drainage system to divert water                                         away from your house

 5. Guaranteed For As Long As You Own Your Home!
          If Anything Goes Wrong We Will Fix It Free!
             If anything goes wrong with the windows or
              the way we install them - we will fix it FREE!
                     for as long as you own your home!                                                                                                                                    Your Guaranteed Lowest Price 
           $497 each window installed
                      colonial grids and colors extra cost

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